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Delegation of representatives of the judicial bodies and other state structures of Uzbekistan has visited Germany

        Delegation of representatives of the judicial bodies and other state structures of Uzbekistan has visited Germany on exchange of experience on the example of application of informational technology in the activity of the German institutions of justice. 

        At the invitation of the Fund of international cooperation in the field of law at the Ministry of Justice of FRG, the delegation of representatives of a number of state structures, headed by the deputy minister of justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan H-M Isakov, has visited Germany in the period of 5th to 10th of December 2009. 

        The purpose of the visit was to become acquainted with the experience of using the informational technologies in the activity of the judicial institutions and courts of Germany and to discuss the further development of the mutual cooperation in the field electronic flow of documents, and also to introduce the achievements of the Uzbekistans judicial - legal reforms to the German lawyers and society. The delegation had expert meetings at the Federal ministry of justice of FRG, at several specialized precinct courts of federal lands, in LLC "Federal bulletin" specialized in publishing the normative legal acts of the federal level, and in the LLC "Juris" which supports one of the largest German legislation databases. Besides this, the Fund of international cooperation in the field of law at the Ministry of Justice of FRG and the embassy of Uzbekistan in FRG were also visited.

        During the meetings the delegation received much useful information, including the information about the activity of the precinct courts on maintaining the land records, implementation of electronic procedures of collecting the debts in the order of court orders and etc. 

        In their turn, the German colleagues got acquainted with Uzbekistans experience in such spheres, as democratization of the society and the human rights security, implementation of the informational technologies by the law enforcement bodies. Particularly, with the usage of different materials (books, DVDs, thematic booklets, and etc.) in German, English and Russian languages, they were informed about the achievements of the county in the judicial legal sphere, including the realization of the laws on the abolition of the death penalty, implementation of the institution of Habeas Corpus in the legal system, development and application of informational communications in the field of law, for instance, the National database of legislation of Uzbekistan - 

        The local mass media of Germany, particularly, the newspaper Neae Oranienburger Zeitung in December 9, 2009, published an article about the visit of the delegation. The German experts highly appreciated the experience of Uzbekistan, which, as they admitted, was interesting to them also with having been accumulated in such a short period of time. This was an interesting exchange of experience said the deputy director of the precinct court of Oranienburg, Mr. R. Shippers, giving his opinion about the meeting, devoted to the discussion of the informational technologies of the judicial institutions of Uzbekistan and Germany. 

        It shall be noted with satisfaction, that the attention of the German specialists was drawn to the work of the Center of monitoring over realization of normative legal acts, under the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Uzbekistan, Institution of monitoring the active legislation under the President of Republic of Uzbekistan, and Research Center under the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan. At this, the delegation thoroughly explained the essence if the activity for monitoring the realization of the legislation, which does not have equivalents in Germany, and the uniqueness of the work of the Research center under the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

        The German specialists showed interest in further developing of even more close connections for experience exchange in the field of further enhancement of the judicial legal reforms, increasing the role of the judicial bodies in the lawmaking process, improving the system of training and retraining the legal personnel. We believe that such measures will contribute to achievement of positive results in further development of the judicial legal sphere of our country.

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