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The press conference on theme Executed work and ahead tasks on further improving the legal culture in society was held in Tashkent city

        In an effort to guarantee the execution of decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 22nd of September 2006 On measures to develop public relations of state administration bodies and economic administration bodies in November month this year in the territorial departments of Justice will be organized press conferences on theme Executed work and ahead tasks to further improving the legal culture in society.

        The first one was held in the house of marriage Navruz in Tashkent city. The responsible members of the Ministry of Justice, members of all notaries offices of the capital, employees of the registry office, members of Tashkent city administration, law enforcement representatives, as well as the students of Tashkent State Institute of Law and the students of The National University of Uzbekistan and representatives of state and nongovernmental media had participated in present action.   

        How it was noted at the event, during the reporting period, Tashkent city department of Justice reviewed 505 complaints regarding the restoration of violated rights as entrepreneurs and to protect human rights and freedom. In order to prevent discovered violations 51 submissions entered to the relevant organizations and institutions. Cancelled execution of 9 decisions of state administration bodies, organizations and institutions and 309 perpetrators brought to various measures of disciplinary responsibility.

    Also conducted about 960 different events dedicated to the protection of human rights and freedom, during which highlighted the main directions in this area, selected by the government of our country.

        As noted above, in order to restore the violated rights and lawful interests of both domestic enterprises and enterprises with foreign investments, as well as citizens, department of Justice made a statement of claim. So for 9 months of this year were satisfied writs in the amount of more than 11 milliard sums.

        By the results of studying of the activity of regulatory authorities and other agencies entered 294 representations, on execution which cancelled and terminated execution of 9 different illegal documents. In addition, to the relevant authorities had been made proposals to bringing criminal and administrative account of officials who have committed offenses, namely, 6 officials to criminally responsible and 89 officials to management responsibility, by the results of the consideration of these proposals had been adopted  the measures on criminal and administrative penalties.

        During the event, detailed information were given to the journalists about the work done by the justice bodies in support of small business and private enterprise, the restoration of their violated rights, cooperation in this direction with other agencies. The same information was provided about the activities of hotline, which works on the board of Justice on permanent basis.

        At the workshop detailed answers had been given to journalists interested questions.

        Actually, at the press conference also heard the reports of registry office bodies on realized works and next tasks on further improving the effectiveness measures to strengthen reproductive health of people and increasing the medical culture, and also had been given indications and recommendations on elimination of having defects. A plan of actions had been made for wide lighting in local and central mass media actions, realizing in this direction, defines the tasks under a strict control over their execution.

        It was also noted that it is not at an adequate level of existing cooperation has been established in Tashkent, notaries and lawyers with the media, outlines specific measures to prevent them.

        In the end of the event had been developed recommendations directed on improving the performances specialists of notary bodies, registry office and lawyers in mass media, as well as increasing legal literacy of citizen, increasing the quantity and quality of materials in this area.

        Also performance of Young lawyers team of Tashkent had taken place, participated and became the winners in  the Republican competition fun and clever Experts of Law in 2009, teachers and students actively participated in the course of the competition were awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts by the Justice department.

        Another such events were decided to hold in Tashkent, Namangan, and Samarqand regions.  
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