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The legal propaganda group: Next actions were organized on high level at Sergili, Yakkasaray and Uchtepa districts

        By the initiative Ministry of Justice on further increasing citizens legal literacy, in particular youth legal culture is still continues the activity of legal propaganda group.

        This group consist young experienced law specialists and their aim is to give more information on judicial-legal system of the country with using interactive methods to youth people of the country.

        Next actions were organized on high level at Sergili, Yakkasaray and Uchtepa districts of Tashkent city.

        The main aim is strengthening knowledge of youth people who studies at schools, lyceums and colleges on the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, training youth people to see with respectful attitudes to the legislative acts, improve youth own thinking and increasing speech culture abilities and their social activity.

        The responsible members of the Ministry of Justice, representatives of law machinery, members of district mayors office, and members of peoples education, special secondary and professional education department, members of district registry office, notorious members, members of territorial department of justice and also from local mass media participated in this action.

        Actually, in this action had been organized some talks and discussions on such themes like, The Constitution the base of successive democratic reforms , Right to vote as on of the important human political rights , Significance of tax in country and society, Human traffic is a transnational crime, Human rights is a high value.

        On the other hand, the participants of the meeting had been given similar answers to their interested questions with using special prepared e-presentations, in particular on human traffic, on the system of the state departments and on elections to the parliament Oliy Majlis which will held this year, and system of their realization, right to vote, and innovation in electoral legislation, economic legislation and realized reforms in 2008-2009 years to the judicial legal system and in this connection entered changes and additions to the national legislation.

        Alongside with this, more than 2 thousand youth from Sergeli, Yakkasaray and Uchtepa districts had participated in these present discussions and they had been given some booklets and different legal literacy from members of Ministry of Justice and from its territorial bodies.

        How it was noted by speakers, its developed concrete actions on organization such legal propaganda groups, which the staff will include youth lawyers under the city department of justice and attracting youth people from all districts to them.

        Furthermore, its planned further perfection of law lessons at schools, lyceums and colleges, raising the level of pedagogues skills, law teachers, to organize them special studies in Republican centre on raising the level of lawyers skills under the Ministry of Justice.

        At the same time, the responsible members had given indications on organization Justice Time at educational institutions on further increasing youth legal culture and to attract them to the republican competition Expert of Law, which is organizing by the initiative of the Ministry of Justice.

        The responsible members of department of peoples education, special secondary and professional education department had been given recommendations to law teachers on using new methods on explanation themes.

        In the end of the action were defined Experts of Law and they were presented with Ministry of Justices diplomas and memorable gifts.

        Next meetings of legal propaganda group planned to provide actions at back lands of Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya, Syrdarya and Tashkent regions.

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