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Final round of republican competition Experts of law was held in Samarqand city

        On the 30th of September, by the initiative of the Ministry of justice was held final round of republican competition Experts of law at Samarqand theatre drama and music named Hamid Alimjan. Teams of youth, people from schools and colleges from Karakalpakstan Republic, Samarqand, Namangan, Bukhara, Surkhandarya regions and Tashkent city tried their knowledge in this competition while they didnt specialize in law sphere.

        The main task of this action is strengthening youth peoples knowledge, who studies at schools, colleges on the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, training youth to respect legal acts of the country and to improve their thinking and increasing speech culture and social activity.

        The responsible members of the Ministry of Justice, representatives of Samarqand city mayors office, representatives of law machinery, peoples education, special secondary and professional education department and also from local and republican Mass media participated in this action.

        During the competition tested youth knowledge on Constitution, legal acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in particular electoral legislation and international agreements, which Uzbekistan joined to them.

        The competition leaded in three conditions: firstly, teams presented their artistic speech which is directed on further increasing legal culture in society, secondly, - each team was given questions which was special prepared by Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and thirdly teams presented proposals and recommendations on further increasing legal culture in society in the form of significant and scenic presentations.

        By the results, Femida team form Samarqand city and Yosh senatorlar team from Namangan region became on the first place in this competition and second was Yosh huquqshunoslar team from Tashkent city and third was Iftixor team from Bukhara region.

        The winners and participants of the action rewarded by the Ministry of Justice with diplomas I and II and III degrees, valuable presents and with legal literatures.

        How the organizers of the action noted, the present competition will be held every year.

        Furthermore, its planned to making definitely privileges for the winners-teams, widening scale of the competition.

        As well as, in future its decided to take more new ideas directed on further increasing legal literacy of youth.

        At the same time, it was indicated on attracting winners-teams in other actions of the Ministry of justice.

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